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Welcome to Safetac

It is time to visit our page and view our high range of products that are made to be durable enough and last for a longer time. Operating both in Australia & New Zealand, Safetac’s Tactile Contractor Canberra & Sydney is committed to meet client-specific needs and deliver high-end products to all our prospective clients. Our Tactile Installation Canberra is comparatively affordable and simple with advanced skills.

Our tactile ground surface indicators are extremely resistant to ultraviolet rays and hydrolysis, along with physical properties of high tensile shear and robust strength. The durable Tactile Installation Canberra requires minimum maintenance costs, and also our products are made to support visually impaired persons. Our team will always ensure to provide premium-grade materials and widely used in production.

Our dedicated team has been delivering the top-ranked products and services to all our clients, which will surely exceed your expectations after a quote evaluation. And also, we will make sure all aspects of the project and material supplied are properly taken care of by our certified professionals. We will also ensure that the total task is carried on in a simple and approachable manner. Our tactile mat installation process is completely unique and comparatively affordable in the market.

Welcome to Safetac

Safetac Tactile Australia provides a range of Tactile Ground Surface Indicators that can be installed into various substrates and our experienced installers can deliver tactile guidance systems solutions to suit your needs.

Our excellent service, superior workmanship and devotion to complete quality projects can not be beat.

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