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Bladed Shaft Poly Tactile 300mm



Joined together and spaced like well-trained soldiers, these hazard warning tactiles (to Australian Standard) have bladed shafts to install with ease. Use a concrete saw to cut a groove and slide the tactiles blade base in for a tight fit. Pretty simple and you’re done. We also have Single Tactile Studs for smaller areas.

The Safety Xpress bladed stud tactile is suitable for use indoors and outdoors, commercial carparks, footpaths, shopping centres etc in areas to warn the vision impaired of such warnings as:

  • life threatening hazards where serious falls may occur, such as at railway platforms, wharves, vehicular driveways and exits from car parks, etc, which intersect access paths
  • to indicate that a point of importance has been reached such as the location of a bus sign or tram stop or the location of a change of direction on a pedestrian crossing island associated with a slip lane crossing
  • at the top and bottom of stairways and ramps.
  • at pedestrian crossings to indicate the path of travel


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