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Janelle Fletcher

Visited here after being recommended by a friend. Beautiful curries, great customer service. Best naan I’ve had in Darwin. Will definitely return.

Tom Griffiths

This is the best Indian restaurant in Darwin by far. Dine in is great with friendly staff, and delivery or takeaway is reliable and quick. Authentic delicious Indian food.


Excellent food an great service been there before and will go back again. every one enjoyed the evening thanks to the great staff

Fahad Hafeez

Very economical, delicious food and staff was very quick but water tap was leaking but no one bother to fix the tap.

Jesse Fulton

Great service and excellent food,Yummy Naan! We often go to Indian Curry Paradise and have never been disappointed.

Rahul Vats

Been to most of indian restaurants in Darwin, but had my best experience in Indian curry paradise. Find my self satisfied by quantity and quality at the same time.

femy koratty

My go-to for Indian takeaway in Darwin. Their curries have not once disappointed me. The restaurant itself is nice relaxed place for a casual dinner night. The naan is sometimes is a hit or miss.